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Professional Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration
Furniture Repairs & Refinishing
Furniture Stripping , Sanding, Staining, Finishing
On-site Touch-up and Minor Repairs
Insurance and Moving Damage Inspections
Chair Caning

Furniture Stripping

We use a machine that operates much like a dishwasher that sprays a light mist of chemical on the furniture being stripped. This furniture stripping process is all done in an enclosed machine which recycles the chemicals used, and reduces the fire hazard as well as pollution problems. When the furniture stripping is complete, it is ready for light sanding, staining and finish work.


We don’t use a “dip tank” or soak furniture in any type of “flow over system”

In some instances we have to hand strip furniture items but this is a limited service we offer.

Our furniture stripping machine “The Strip-o-lator” was invented by A.E. Shutt (Founder- Doll Furniture Co.) in 1947 and was sold throughout the United States and Canada & manufactured until around 1990. We have always used this system of furniture stripping since its inception.

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